Martin Miller – Neon (John Mayer)

John Mayer Cover "Neon" (by Mayer, Cook) played in a Neo Soul/Latin arrangement. I do not own the rights to the composition. Rights belong to Aware/Columbia.

Recorded live at Weltklang Studios, Plauen, Germany on 9th-11th April 2017.

Martin Miller - Guitar & Vocals
Martina Blazeska - Vocals
Matthias Prokop - Vocals
Felix Lehrmann - Drums
Benni Jud - Bass & Vocals
Marius Leicht - Keyboards & Vocals

Torsten Solberg - Audio Engineering
Johannes Plank - Director
Patricia Kaschner - Video Assistant & Camera
Chrstian Roscher - Camera
Susanne Bartels - Camera

Audio mix & video edit - Martin Miller

Thanks to Meinl, Tama, Ibanez and Laney!